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Membership for 19/20 open soon


We have a new Venue for our Club

for the coming Season

The River Bar

on O Connell Bridge!!!!!!
We will be launching the new Venue on Sunday 28th July for the
Emirates Cup Game

Arsenal Vs Lyon

at 3:15 pm
Everyone  welcome

AGM will follow the game at 5pm



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Arsenal News

Courtesy of Arseblog.com

  • Arsenal beat Fiorentina, and where’s Mustafi’s head at? July 21, 2019
    Hello for a second day from Aberdeenshire. Today I shall be picking up my car, which happily will cost me significantly less than I thought it would. The guy at the garage missed a trick when he told me the price. I said: “and that’s the cost for one of the two pads that need […]
  • It’s a Saturday, a Saturday! July 20, 2019
    Good morning, and hello from the wilds of Aberdeenshire. I am here visiting my parents and brother who is home from the States for a couple of weeks. It’s weird being back somewhere you grew up, seeing places you used to spend lots of time doing various disreputable things. Drinking cider in the park, smoking […]
  • O Captain, my Captain! July 19, 2019
    Coffee, when you wake up, is good. Coffee, just before you go to bed, is bad. For some reason, I got it into my head last night that an espresso poured over vanilla ice cream would be an excellent dessert choice and that imbibing a shot of joe in this form would dampen its potency. […]
    Andrew Allen
  • Episode 534 – LA Live July 19, 2019
    Welcome to another episode of the Arsecast – the Arsenal podcast. Because I’m travelling this week and I had no way of speaking to guests about stuff, this week’s podcast is based around our 2-1 win over Bayern Munich. I took my mic and Zoom into the press box, and recorded myself after key moments, […]
  • We Care, You Don’t July 18, 2019
    Earlier this week, several Arsenal fan groups and websites came together to formulate and sign a letter addressed to the club and its ownership. The campaign adopts the hashtag #WeCareDoYou. It is fair to say that Arsenal fans have been divided in recent years, but that division has manifested into a faintly ridiculous micro-argument about […]
    Tim Stillman